Youth Ministry Leader

I grew up in a Christian home and made a confession of faith when I was nine-years-old.  I grew strong in my faith in those tender years. The church was my home, and my friends were there.

However, I also remember the pain of adolescence. A shy, chubby, awkward young girl, I was the butt of much bullying, and that hurt lasted a long time, and frankly, I still bear the scars. Seeing some of the faces of today’s awkward teens, many in pain, I want to be a vessel that God uses to love them, help them know that He is there, that He loves them, and that they can call out to Him and lean on Him in the good and bad moments of life.

My experience has included ministry in music, teaching, youth, children, communication, school, and homeschool ministry. I am also fortunate to be able to minister in my job as a communications specialist with the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware.

My most important role, however, is that of wife to my husband Barry, mother of three adult children, Michael, Shelley, and Steven, and grandmother of four, Hudson, Harper, Josiah, and Liam.

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