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If you are interested in joining a Small Group Bible study in the church or home setting, below is our current list of Bible Studies along with the location and time of the study and group leader.  Small Groups allow those who come to build relationships, share with one another their life experiences about the topic, pray for one another, and get connected.


Study: Why Are We Here ?

Bible Studies for Life: Adult Personal Study Guide® helps engage participants in Bible study before and during the group meeting, challenging them to live out their faith right where they are. This quarter’s studies are Living Life Connected To Christ and Christ’s Return: Living With The End In Mind

Day/Time: Sunday mornings at 10 am

Location: North Glen Community Church

Leader: Contact Tony Foca via email  for more details

Study: Fire On The Mountain

This six-session small group Bible study, Fire On The Mountain, by noted teacher and historian, Ray Vander Laan, is volume nine of the 12-part That the World May Know series. When the Israelites left Egypt, they were finally free. Free from persecution, free from oppression, and free to worship their God. But with that freedom comes a new challenge – learning how to live together the way God intends. In this ninth volume of
That the World May Know, discover how God teaches the Israelites what it means to be part of a community that loves him and what that means for us today.

Filmed on location in Israel, Faith Lessons is a unique video series that brings God’s Word to life with astounding relevance. By weaving together the Bible’s fascinating historical, cultural, religious, and geographical contexts, teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan reveals unique insights into the Scriptures’ significance for modern believers.

Day/Time: Thursdays, 10:30 – 11:30 am

Location: North Glen Community Church

Leader: Maureen Johnson  Contact Maureen Hill via email  for more details

Study: The Book of Acts 

Did you ever see a movie, or read a book, that started off with a ton of action right from the beginning and just kept going throughout? One that kept you spell bound, wondering what is around the corner, on the next scene or next page?

Ladies and Gents, welcome to the Book of Acts!

Many call the book the Acts of the Apostles, and while there are many scriptures in Acts about what the apostles did and where they went to proclaim the good news of Jesus ( and so much more), the book of Acts can also rightly be called the Acts of the Holy Spirit.

In Acts, right out of the gate, we read about Jesus commanding those who believed in Him, to wait for the promise of the Father (ch 1:4-5). We then see that promise happen on the day of Pentecost (ch2) , when the Holy Spirit comes as “the rushing of a mighty wind”, to fill and empower the little group of believers (about 120) and the church was born. It doesn’t stop there, it’s just the beginning.

Did you know that when Jesus tells his followers that “you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you”, the Greek work for power is “doo-nam-is”. Guess where our English word dynamite comes from? You guessed it! That’s the kind of power we read about in Acts, the power that caused the church to grow from about 120 to over 3,000 believers-in one day! He is that same power we have as believers, because He is the same Holy Spirit.

Join us as we read and discuss the book of Acts. In it, we see Jesus appearing to His disciples and ascending to heaven, the baptism of the Holy Spirit upon believers, persecution of believers, the churches being established all over the known world. Gifts such as tongues, prophecies, healings (what they are to be used for) and so much more!

Our Bible study is an inductive Bible study, which is to say that we take time to slow down and really look at what the scriptures are saying ( without a preconceived agenda). We use the Bible as the main source of information about the Bible (the Bible has to interpret the Bible).  Along the way, we pray (no one is EVER called on to do so, or read) and even have a few laughs together in sharing fellowship and friendship with each other.

So I ask-have you seen any good movies or read any good books lately? Join us each Thursday evening at 6:30 pm, as we discuss and learn from the book of Acts – a script that not even Hollywood could, in a million years, dream of. The best part is – it’s a true story! See you there!

Day/Time: Mondays, 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Location: Small group study meeting – Currently Online using Zoom

Leaders: Barry and Sharon Mager – Contact Barry Mager via email   for more details and to join online

Study: Study of 1st Peter

Whether you are a new believer in Jesus or a seasoned Christian, we will seek God’s Word as we grow together in our faith. This informal setting allows for a lot of personal interaction in a comfortable environment. All questions are welcome as we learn together.

The great theme of this epistle of Peter is Christian hope in the time of trial. Although Peter deals with great doctrines and handles weighty subjects, he doesn’t write in a cold manner. Peter has been called the apostle of hope while Paul has been called the apostle of faith and John has been called the apostle of love. This epistle puts a great emphasis upon hope and suffering.

Peter also emphasizes the grace of God, and some expositors feel it is his main emphasis. However, the word suffering or some cognate words that go with it occur in this epistle sixteen times. Hope is always tied with the suffering. Therefore, it is fair to say that the theme is the Christian hope in the time of trial.

Day/Time: Saturdays, 10:30 am

Location:   Currently Online using Zoom – Join the group in this Zoom meeting here – Join Bible Study

Leader:    Contact Michelle Priebe via email  for more details


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